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نمونه سوال Speaking تافل Task2

TPO 48

Question 2

Some people like to shop in large grocery stores and department stores. Other people prefer to shop in small specialty stores or shops. Which do you prefer? Explain why?

(Response Time: 45 seconds)


Introduction: (6 seconds)

I, personally, subscribe to the first motion which is shopping in large grocery stores and department stores because of two main reasons:


Body: (35 seconds)

Firstly, as they put it, variety is the spice of life. I love shopping and I do find it a great way to get my stresses released to feel more comfortable. When the store is large, I can have lots of options to choose from a wide variety of products and services and this can give me the advantage of choosing the right item. Besides, Lots of people frantically look for their own items and this hustle and bustle gives me good energy to keep shopping.

Secondly, my job is demanding and my boss doesn’t approve of flextime. Large stores are usually work round-the-clock and this gives me free hand not to worry about my shopping time. Moreover, large stores are highly competitive to attract more customers which can be to shoppers’ interest.

Conclusion: (4 seconds)

That’s why I prefer large stores to specialty stores.

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