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اندیشه پارسیان/ANDISHEPARSIAN

A conjunction joins words,phrases or clauses

Coordinating counjunctions

Join words that are similar

and :   I like strawberries and bananas on my cereal.
nor :   Bob does not like broccoli nor do I.
but  :  Jilli likes oranges but does not like apples.
or :     We can eat salad or vegetables for dinner.
So :    Dad went to the bakery. so we can have dessert.

Correlative counjunctions

Join similar words but are always used in pairs

both ...and : The dinner was both delicious and nutritious.
either ...or : I will eat either carrots or peas for dinner.
neither ...nor : Natalie likes neither milk nor ice cream.
whether... or : Do you care whether we have noodles or rice for dinner?
not only ... but also :  Not only will we have cake  for dessert. but also ice cream.

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