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Phrasal verbs for MONEY

اندیشه پارسیان/money

موسسه زبان و آموزشگاه زبان خارجی اندیشه پارسیان هر روز با اصطلاحات جدید انگلیسی :

SAVE UP: to keep money so you can buy something in the future
Example : She is saving up to buy a house.

PAY OFF: to complete payment on a debt; to pay the full amount of a debt
Example : He finally paid off his car loan.

PAY UP: to give someone money that you owe him/her
 Example : My roommate hasn't paid rent in five months.He needs to pay up or move out.

RIP OFF: to cheat someone. often by charging them too much money for something
 Example :Tourists sometimes worry taxi drivers will rip them off.

موسسه زبان و

آموزشگاه زبان خارجی اندیشه پارسیان