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جملات کاربردی جهت نامه نگاری آزمون IELTS

Useful phrases

The following phrases will make your letter look good. In case it is hard for you to remember all of them, choose just one for each paragraph, memorize it and use for all
the letters of this type.
For Paragraph 1
• “I am writing to complain about…”
• “I am writing in regard to…”
• “The reason I am writing to you is (a problem with…)”
• “I am writing to express my concern about/dissatisfaction with…”
• “I would like to bring the matter of … to your attention.”
• “I would like to draw your attention to …”
For paragraph 2
• “I was supposed to receive … Unfortunately, that never happened.”
• “You can imagine how unhappy I was to discover …”
• “I regret to inform you that your service was below my expectations.”
• “When I tried to contact you by phone, no one could offer me any sensible
• “I contacted your representative in …. Unfortunately, he denied me the service
 that I requested.”
For paragraph 3 
• “The ideal solution would be … “
• “I hope you can settle this matter by …(doing something)”
• “I insist on getting a refund of …”
• “Please look into this matter as soon as possible.”
• “I believe this matter deserves your urgent attention.”