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Special Courses

11.Special Courses:

Cross-Cultural Training

In today's business world, cross-cultural skills and understanding are vital tools in ensuring effective international working practices and commercial success. Training can be general Cultural Awareness Training or Culture-Specific Training.

 Premium Service

Some people have very specific requirements that may require unusually detailed planning, extra trainers, specialist input, premium accommodation. We have vast experience of dealing with a diverse range of needs over many years, so whatever you hope to achieve, talk to us about it.

Special Groups

There may be reasons why our standard courses are not ideal for some organisations. These courses will include several key elements from a standard course, such as our International Business Communication or Communicating Effectively in English courses. However, the language focus and case studies used will reflect your industry or sector. We can prepare case studies based on material prepared by you.

Language Support

Our language support service will correct your written documents, with the option to receive a commentary on your work and language practice activities.